What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy provides the client a one-on-one opportunity to focus on oneself. Individual therapy cultivates an opportunity to be honest with oneself. You will be able challenge yourself and increase self awareness. The individual client will learn skills that will help them reach their personal goals.

Some of our individual clients are working on the following:Emotional dysregulation, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction (Pornagraphy), Suicidal Ideations, Dating, Relationship Building, Self Awareness & Confidence Building

Case Study

Tony came to see one of our therapist. He had been dealing with depression for a long time. Although thoughts of suicide had come to his mind he did not think he would ever do that. He was using some inappropriate coping skills to deal with the depression that was leading to more isolation and more hopelessness...and to be honest some apathy. As the therapist/client relationship developed and a collaborative plan was made, Tony began to recognize triggers that led him to shy away from others. He became accountable to his anger outbursts and self pity cycle. His counselor empathetically allied with Tony to better understand the origin of his pain. Together they began challenging the real issues. Tony was able to not only disarm depression; he was able to walk by it without fear.

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