What is Court Related Therapy?

This type of therapy could be mandated, meaning the court or a law enforcement entity is legally forcing you to complete therapy or some sort of program to reach a goal or to fulfill requirements decided upon by the Court.

Some of these services such as anger management, or domestic violence or therapy requested by the Department of Children Services (DCS) require additional communication and documentation by the therapist. This is why court related therapy is charged at a higher rate than regular therapy.  Please contact us for more information regarding court mandated therapy.

Other therapy that is not court mandated, but could in one way or another be connected with the court system are: Mediation, Co parenting, Pre/Post Divorce.

Mediation can be offered for various situations such as- divorce mediation, business mediation, neighbor dispute mediation etc. We have trained mediators who meet or exceed qualifications to be listed on the court mediation roster. Please contact us for more detail.

Co-Parenting counseling provides divorced mothers and fathers the opportunity to learn how to appropriately parent under stress, loss and grief and anger. Focus is put on communication and appropriate behaviors of both parties.

Pre/post divorce counseling allows for individuals that have decided to divorce to do so in a healthy and appropriate manner that will benefit them and their children if needed. This can also help the individuals involved in the divorce move forward in their lives. Additionally, this can help close family members, children and new spouses connected to the planned or finalized divorce.
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