Terry Huggans, FLE

Family Life Educator


My name is Terry Huggans and I am a Family Life Educator (FLE) specializing in teaching about the effects of divorce. I have spent the past three and a half years obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage and Family Studies from BYUI. Perhaps, more importantly, I earned a “life experience PhD” in divorce when my 25 year marriage ended eight years ago.

I have a lifetime of experiences. Just to name some of my professional experience: I worked as a counselor to delinquent youth for 11 years in Southern California. I was known as “the nicest cop I ever met” during my career with the Mesa Police Dept. I have been a PE teacher and coached high school basketball and baseball and I have taught in the classroom at the junior high and high school levels. I am a certified mediator with the City of Mesa.

I have six grown children who are mostly amazing and often wonderfully average. I am grateful for all of them and happy they come to Sunday Dinner. I remarried six and a half years ago and my wife is an inspiration to me. She is supportive and loving and much more than I ever could have hoped for.

I have spent the eight years since my divorce helping others navigate the “hurricanes” associated with divorce. I teach interactive workshops designed to give hope and knowledge to the participants that they will not only survive but they will become stronger. I present information and insights that only those who have been divorced can truly understand. The style of the workshops allow for compassion, caring, and support for the participants. And finally, my unique sense of humor on the subject matter causes the workshops to be entertaining.



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"Helping others navigate the “hurricanes” associated with divorce, by teaching through interactive workshops with compassion, care & support."