Ed Callirgos, LMFT​​

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, ​Owner 

Chances are you have come to this site because you and or someone you love are looking to "fix it!" Fix your conflict, your addiction, your relationship, your guilt, your pain or your loss. I am here because I care about you & your relationship. Right now you may feel alone, not understood, ashamed or scared. You are not alone! Let me help you, let me listen to you, lets work on this together. Contact me for a free 30 min meet and greet appointment!​​
* Sessions are offered in English and Spanish as well as Remote video therapy.

I work with tough issues & provide validation, guidance through non judgement & empathetic listening but I am not afraid to challenge when appropriate. Some of my areas of focus are: Loss and Grief, High Conflict couples therapy, Infidelity, Building relationships (Dating), Pornography addiction, Suicidal ideations, Trauma, Emotional Dysregulation (Anger, Defensivness, Avoidance); Feelings of failure or Not being enough.

I am not married to one type of therapy intervention model because I believe that the client should determine the model. The models I frequently employ are RT, EMDR, Mindfulness, EFT, Psychoeducation, and Narrative therapy models. I look forward to serving you in a safe space that nurtures hope and strength for you & your relationship.  

                             - Ed

Ed Callirgos is the owner of The Bridge CCM , an independently licensed marriage and family therapist and trained Mediator. He has been featured on the Arizona Republic, Professional publications, Podcasts, Internet/Radio shows and is a recipient of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Minority Fellowship award. Ed has been contracted with various organizations to provide counseling, consulting and mediation. Some of these organization come from Major League Baseball, City organizations, Non-Profit and for Profit, as well as School districts.

He has worked as a college professor, supervisor and provider for a private behavioral health agency that had government contracts. He is well known for working with high conflict couples and receives referrals from other agencies due to his experience working with difficult cases such as couples where there is a potential for domestic violence, cases involving infidelity, pornography addiction, pre/post divorce, co parenting and suicidal ideations and trauma. He also enjoys working with clients who have trouble with Emotional dysregulation, Feelings of Failure or Feeling Not Enough. Ed enjoys working with challenging cases but also provides counseling for pre marital therapy, relationship building (dating), communication skills training and parenting. Ed enjoys giving back to the community and has connected with various organizations to be a resource.

Outside of his professional life Ed is married and has 4 children who also keep him active- playing soccer, catch with the football, board games etc! He believes in the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. He enjoys lifting weights, running, playing lacrosse and basketball.

Contact Ed Callirgos directly at:

  (480) 234-2266

Or, send him a message to:

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"I look forward to serving you in a safe space that nurtures hope and strength for you & your relationship."