Melanie G. Spilo, JD

Independent Mediator


My name is Melanie Grace Spilo and I am an Independent Mediator. I received my Certification in Mediation and Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School. I have experience mediating in both the legal firm setting and within the Justice Courts of Maricopa County. I have dedicated over 250+ hours to the training and practice of mediation, during which time I have helped nearly 90% of those mediations reach agreement. I am experienced in many areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including facilitative and tranformative mediation. I am familiar with contract dispute, landlord/tenant, neighbor/hoa dispute, family issues, civil issues, insurance disputes, etc. Further, I am currently in process to be admitted to the State Bar of Arizona and I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a minor in Gender Studies and a certificate in Civic Education. 

I fell in love mediating during my law school career and will continue mediating throughout my life. I thoroughly enjoy helping clients find solutions amicably as I facilitate mediations professionally, neutrally, and confidentially. Further, I want to help clients understand the mediation process and the importance of a qualified mediator.

Mediation should be approached with positivity and an open mind to compromise. As your mediator I will help you seek clarity throughout the process and you maintain control. I am simply a neutral party with the legal education and experience to guide you to find resolutions collaboratively. Mediation is a comfortable process free of judgement and any negativity.Mediation can save time, effort, and costly legal fees and is a great alternative to litigation.Please find me as a resource especially if you are navigating a court matter. While I am not an attorney, I cannot represent you, I do have the experience to assist you, and assist with preventing lengthy litigation through mediation. I hope you find me an asset with my knowledge and insight. Keep in mind you need a highly trained and qualified mediator even if you choose to go elsewhere. Check credentials! My main concern is that clients find a qualified mediator and that mediation is no longer an overlooked tool. Mediation is recognized by the Courts as a great out of court alternative to attorneys and litigation, it is powerful and effective! Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns I offer complimentary consultations and I hope to be your mediator.

Personally, I am a wife and mother to a vibrant little boy. I take pride in my family and my community. I look forward to working with you, making your mediation comfortable, and helping in your communicatuon, and personal growth to accomplish a successful mediation. 

Warmest Regards,

Melanie Grace Spilo

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"I look forward to working with you, making your mediation comfortable, and helping in your personal growth to accomplish a successful mediation."



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