Whether at your location or in one of our conference rooms we provide you and your group a variety of professional trainings at a great price. We categorize our trainings as consulting because our approach is dynamic and colloborative. We seek to work with you to understand the needs of your organization. We take a systemic approach and work together to arrive at a solution!

Consulting Areas of Focus

Work Place Violence Prevention

DV Presentations

Communication Training

Conflict Resolution Training


Work life balance​

Employee Focused

Systemic Business Consulting

Solution Focused

Assessments & Evaluations



We provide individual and couples therapy.  Together we cultivate a safe space where we can explore  your hope, pain, shame and fears. We then help you find hope and strength in your self and in your relationships. 
We provide organizational consultation by working alongside businesses to create healthy work environment for its employees and increased performance for employers.
We provide profesional mediation by trained and experienced mediators. By using healthy communication, negotiation and goal setting strategies-which help parties come to an agreeable solution.