About Us

At The Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation we strive to :

1) Help provide a center that is safe, private and caring. We seek to help clients find hope and strength in themselves and in their relationships. At The Bridge we work collaboratively to arrive at a solution. We provide individual, couples and family counseling; and group counseling/classes for a variety of issues. We specialize in intensive and high conflict issues.

2) Provide competent, compassionate, professional counseling and consulting for court related issues such as: court mandated individuals, therapeutic intervention, Post-divorce counseling, mediation etc.

3) We Provide outreach and serve our surrounding community through volunteer work, workshops and community resourcing.

Our consulting and mediation services provide individuals, public and private companies/agencies a safe place to reach out. All our services are under a strict privacy and confidentiality contract. Our office is located in a private professional environment. We work with EAP's and Human Resource departments to help provide employees and companies an environment for development and growth. We educate on work place violence issues and provide trainings and presentations for a variety of other topics.



We provide individual and couples therapy.  Together we cultivate a safe space where we can explore  your hope, pain, shame and fears. We then help you find hope and strength in your self and in your relationships. 
We provide organizational consultation by working alongside businesses to create healthy work environment for its employees and increased performance for employers.
We provide profesional mediation by trained and experienced mediators. By using healthy communication, negotiation and goal setting strategies-which help parties come to an agreeable solution.